Grateful for my successors!

And all the royal officials have gone to King David and congratulated him, saying, ‘May your God make Solomon’s fame even greater than your own, and may Solomon’s reign be even greater than yours!’ Then the king bowed his head in worship as he lay in his bed, and he said, ‘Praise the Lord, the God of Israel, who today has chosen a successor to sit on my throne while I am still alive to see it.’”
1 Kings 1:47-48 NLT


A good leader will never feel threatened by his potential successors! On the contrary, he will feel gratitude to God knowing that they can surpass him in fame, greatness, wisdom, influence or exploits. The good leader is not falls in love with his position; allows it to be God who chooses his substitute even if he is exercising leadership, and he is fully convinced that the fact to find his correct successor must be an act by which worship God. A good leader knows that it is through their successors that his legacy will endure. —Thank you Lord for those who will be my successors!

© David García Licona – April 2015


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