Thankful for my in-laws!

“Yes, I know,” Boaz replied. “But I also know about everything you have done for your mother-in-law since the death of your husband. I have heard how you left your father and mother and your own land to live here among complete strangers.
“This is not good!” Moses’ father-in-law exclaimed. “You’re going to wear yourself out—and the people, too. This job is too heavy a burden for you to handle all by yourself.
Ruth 2:11; Exodus 18:17-18 NLT


The in-laws, and especially the mothers-in-law, are for many the target of disrespectful jokes or derogatory comments. Moreover, the relations between sons-in-law or daughters-in-law can be strained and become difficult to dispute who has “control” or “power”, and while it is true that God himself stated that we would have to leave our parents at the we get married, it does not mean that the progenitors of our spouses should become our adversaries. Having good in-laws is like having good parents, but we have to cultivate good relations with them intentionally; this implies that we must treat them well, to respect them and us to earn their respect; that take care of them, and learn to listen to their advice; must not forget that a good son-in-law or a good daughter-in-law will always have good in-laws. —Thank you Lord for my in-laws!

© David García Licona – January 2015


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