Don’t throw in the towel!

“And tell him, «God blesses those who do not turn away because of me»”

Luke 7:23 NLT


John the Baptist had a spectacular and successful ministry; crowds came to listen him and repentant begging him to baptize them to receive forgiveness of sins.

But now he was in a dark and damp cell, possibly discouraged and wondering if all he had done for the Lord had been worth it, even he doubted whether Jesus was the Messiah or whether must wait for another.

And if in prison John thought of giving up, undoubtedly that Jesus’ words were comfortable to him. “God blesses those who do not depart, God blesses those who stand firm”

And you, Stand firm or already “threw in the towel”? Remember, the blessing is for those who do not give up.

© David García Licona – June 2014 


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