Love one another

“Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.

Romans 12:10 NLT


Is interesting, the way as Paul advised the Romans to express his love, he said them, “Love each other:”

  1. With genuine affection. The opposite of loving genuinely is fake love; people fake love when they are trying to replace their affection with things, actions or words that have no connection with what they really feel for the other person. True love is not about given “belongings ” is oneself given; Jesus is the ultimate example of this, so loved us that He gave His life to save us from sin!
  2. With mutual Honor. Honoring someone means to show him our appreciation, recognize his virtues, exalt him, estimate him and respect him for what he is; in other words honor someone is to show him that we love him in a practical way. The interesting thing about Paul’s advice is that he tells us that this kind of honor must be mutual; that is to say, we should not only give but we also learn to receive that kind of appreciation, that recognition, that esteem and that respect; and not only that, we must “delight” to receive this kind of honor. Love is not only giving, is also learning to receive!

© David García Licona – February 2014 


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