Good counsel

“The godly offer good counsel; they teach right from wrong.

Psalms 37:30 NLT


How define you a good counsel?

For some, a good counsel is one that is in tune with the deepest desires of their hearts. For others, a good counsel is one that gives them the right in what they think, say or do.

And there are those who think that good counsel will always have soft, pleasant words to hear, without forgetting of course, the approval pat on their shoulder.

But a good counsel, coming from someone who actually esteems us and wants the best for us, will always be balanced.

It is true, a good counsel will help us distinguish when something is good, right and beneficial; but also will expose us when we are doing something wrong, misleading and damaging.

A good counsel will also confront us with what we do not what we want to hear or what is bad for our lives, and it is difficult to accept.

The godly will take the risk to be rejected by his good counsel, but will not resigned teaching us differentiate positive and negative alternatives when we need to make decisions.

But at the end, we should not forget something; opt for a good or bad counsel will always be our decision, not the counselor.

© David García Licona – January 2014 


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