New Year, New Life

“Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.

Ephesians 4:23 NLT


A new year is coming; and people already think in many challenges, plans and resolutions in order to improve their lives.

Starting a new diet; leaving an unhealthy habit, starting a new job or business, or finishing school, they can be some of the challenges settled.

But, have you thought about the renewal of your inner life according to God’s plan as a goal to achieve next year?

Paul describes what are some of the characteristics of the man or woman who lives according to God’s plan; the following identifies them:

  • They have a mind and a renewed spirit.
  • They live in righteousness and purity.
  • They are trustful, kind, and compassionate.
  • They are not mastered by Satan, letting the anger make them to sin, unlike forgives and no grudge.
  • They do not steal and are generous.
  • They watch their words do not hurt others, but seek to edify by what they say.
  • They do not grieve the Holy Spirit with the way they live.
  • They remove from they life bitterness, rage, anger, shouting, speaking ill of others and all malice.

Pleasing God with our way of life may be the big goal for next year; obviously is not something that is achieved by our own means or good intentions; Jesus has already provided His Holy Spirit to enable us to achieve this.

So, Do you accept the challenge to renew your thoughts and attitudes to live a life that pleases God?

© David García Licona – December 2013 


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