How is calibrated your scale?

“The Lord detests the use of dishonest scales, but he delights in accurate weights.

Proverbs 11:1 NLT


It may be supposed that this verse applies only to persons engaged in commerce activities.

However, act dishonestly in all areas of life is possible, not only in commercial transactions.

There are “dishonest scales” when a high score is got on a test after copying to a mate; or when the credit is received for a work in which it has not contributed in the slightest.

There is “false scale” when smiling, someone speaks wonders of a person in front; but when the person turns around and goes, he/she begins to denigrate and put evil against others.

“False scale” is used when unfair paid is given for a work received, just exploiting the needs of people. “False scale” is to promise one thing and do another.

“False scale” is when it is said having a personal relationship with God just for performing certain religious practices; but the actions, words and thoughts indicate the opposite.

Remember, God’s delight is not in scales itself; His delight is that they are accurately calibrated.

© David García Licona – December 2013 


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