Trusting God

“Say to Ebed-melech the Ethiopian, ‘This is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, the God of Israel, says: I will do to this city everything I have threatened. I will send disaster, not prosperity. You will see its destruction, but I will rescue you from those you fear so much. Because you trusted me, I will give you your life as a reward. I will rescue you and keep you safe. I, the Lord, have spoken!’

Jeremiah 39:16-18 NLT


Ebed-Melech is an example that trust in God is something that does not depend on our race, origin or social status.

Trusting God does not mean we will not have fears in our lives; trusting God means the assurance that God will release us from what we fear most.

By trusting in God we get life, rescue and safety.

© David García Licona – November 2013 


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