Rest, do not burnout yourself!

“Do not do your work on the Sabbath, but make it a holy day. I gave this command to your ancestors, but they did not listen or obey. They stubbornly refused to pay attention or accept my discipline.

Jeremiah 17:22-23 NLT


God knows we need to rest, we need time to replenish our forces and a time to meet with Him; but it requires obedience and determination .

The trend of working compulsively, makes us think that rest is a waste of time, that makes us unproductive; however, fatigue avoid us produce to our full potential, and consequently makes us mediocre. When we are tired our relationships are affected because we become angry easily, we don’t listen carefully, we don’t concentrate, and we become”multitask”people, doing everything with the least effort .

But it is not enough to know that we need to rest, is not enough desire to take a break, we must discipline ourselves and be decided to form this good habit, and set it as a standard in our lives; it will provide us “quality of life .”

Using the image of the gates on fire at the end of the chapter, arguably for not keeping the Sabbath eventually will “burnout” us.

© CAYADO Consultancy – November 2013 


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