Drought Lessons

“O Hope of Israel, our Savior in times of trouble, why are you like a stranger to us? Why are you like a traveler passing through the land, stopping only for the night? Are you also confused? Is our champion helpless to save us? You are right here among us, Lord. We are known as your people. Please don’t abandon us now!

Jeremiah 14:8-9 NLT


During the drought, the people asked God for His apparent apathy; it reminds me the times I’ve demanded God for not helping me, or get me out of the troubles that I’ve gotten myself.

With the drought, the people came to recognize the faithfulness of God, and therefore cried out to Him for help when they passed through very difficult times.

And it is only when we stop blaming God for what happens to us, recognizing that His loyalty does not change, and that He remains there, waiting for us, even though when we have gotten far away from His presence.

In drought, the people realized that the Lord was His only hope and salvation in times of greatest distress.

And you, have already recognized this? Is the Lord your only hope? Do you belong to God? Does God live in you?

© David García Licona – October 2013 


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