The drought impact

“The nobles send servants to get water, but all the wells are dry. The servants return with empty pitchers, confused and desperate, covering their heads in grief. The ground is parched and cracked for lack of rain…

Jeremiah 14:3-4 NLT


One consequence of the drought is that people feel sad, discouraged, with an attitude of hopelessness, loss and anguish.

The same happens in our lives when we are spiritually “dried”: sadness invades us, nothing causes us joy, we live discouraged; we don’t have any reason to fight, and we don’t find meaning to our existence.

We give up before even starting the fight, and only spend crying; and it is not necessarily external cry, but internal; this kind of cry, makes us suffer a lot, because we often keep it silent or hide it, but the suffering is there. But our spiritual drought causes suffering also those around us: our families, our friends and even our animals.

Is there solution for this kind of drought?

© David García Licona – October 2013 


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