Fight without fear

“The men of Israel saw what a tight spot they were in; and because they were hard pressed by the enemy, they tried to hide in caves, thickets, rocks, holes, and cisterns. Some of them crossed the Jordan River and escaped into the land of Gad and Gilead. Meanwhile, Saul stayed at Gilgal, and his men were trembling with fear.

1 Samuel 13:6-7 NLT


Due to fear, we often lose our battles against the enemy even before they have begun.

We must be aware that the deceiver will first attack in our thinking, there he says to us that we cannot beat him; forgetting that he has already been defeated by Jesus.

When fear dominates us, our attitude is to hide and flee to where we think we are safe; sometimes we are willing to face the battles but “trembling with fear”, this happens when we put our sight on what we can do, and not on what God has already done and He can do.

© David García Licona – September 2013 


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