Why do you say you are a Christian?

“The people of Bethel had sent Sharezer and Regemmelech, along with their attendants, to seek the Lord’s favor. They were to ask this question of the prophets and the priests at the Temple of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies: “Should we continue to mourn and fast each summer on the anniversary of the Temple’s destruction, as we have done for so many years?”

The Lord of Heaven’s Armies sent me this message in reply: “Say to all your people and your priests, ‘During these seventy years of exile, when you fasted and mourned in the summer and in early autumn, was it really for me that you were fasting? And even now in your holy festivals, aren’t you eating and drinking just to please yourselves?”

Zechariah 7:2-6 NLT


When I’ve made the decision to seek the favor of the Lord, Is it actually why I decided to come back to Him and obey Him?

As part of this restoration process, it should include a genuine review why I say I am a Christian or disciple of Jesus; this means asking myself: Why I do what I do in the Church or in my Christian life? To Whom I do it?, Why I do it?, How I do it?, For example:

• When I pray, I do it to communicate with God and listen to Him, or it is just a monologue from my side?

• When I go to church, I’m going because I’m looking for the Lord’s face, or because it became a routine in my life, or somebody take me to church?

• When I read the Word of God, Do I read it with the intention of listening to the voice of God, or just because it’s a good habit of a Christian?

• When placing my offering, I’m giving my best to God in gratitude for what He already gave me, it means: salvation; or I do it just as a fee to receive the blessings from God?

To question me, why I call myself a Christian, should be a rule in my life, the subtlety of the habit or the belief that we inherit the faith from our parents, is something that only can move us away from the Lord rather than closer to Him.

The Christian life is not to be just a routine, not to please or appease my conscience; we must live as worthy children of God in gratitude for what Jesus did for us on the cross of Calvary.

© CAYADO Consultancy – September 2013 


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