Let us flee from the comfort!

“The Lord says, “Come away! Flee from Babylon in the land of the north, for I have scattered you to the four winds. Come away, people of Zion, you who are exiled in Babylon!”

Zechariah 2: 6-7 NLT


God does not want we limit the potential that He has given to our lives.

But in order that our lives to develop this potential, we must “leave Babylon and return to Jerusalem”, that is, we must leave the place where we settled, we must stop the behaviors, emotions and thoughts that does not identify us, as people of God.

We cannot please God if our lives are already accustomed to living in sin.

Just as Babylon, sin enslaves us, many times it doesn’t so obvious and barefaced, but mostly it does so subtly, to the extent that we believe we can serve and worship God, while living in sin. When this becomes a habit, we did not feel uncomfortable or think we are disobedient; quite the contrary, the deception of the enemy is such, that we justify our sinful life with arguments against biblical principles, or we even use the Bible to excuse the sin that dwells in us.

Therefore, if we want to be the people of God, we must go and start rebuilding our lives and leave “Babylon” behind; but do not forget, that only Jesus can bring us out of Babylon.

© David García Licona – August 2013 


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