Don’t let walls limit you

“The other angel said, “Hurry, and say to that young man, ‘Jerusalem will someday be so full of people and livestock that there won’t be room enough for everyone! Many will live outside the city walls.

Zechariah 2:4-5 NLT


God does not want we limit the potential that He has given to our lives.

When we allow others to define our limit, or when we construct walls and we confine ourselves to live in them, is when we restrict our potential.

We build walls when we look for protecting ourselves from our surroundings, when we ostracism ourselves. When we fear the damage that can come from outside, we create shells and strongholds in our lives and do not let anything or anyone, including God, to penetrate inside of us.

But the Lord’s message is that great things are yet to come in our lives when He is our God. But we cannot build up on the walls that we have built before; God cannot be my protector, if my confidence is based on what I own or what I am, I must tear down the stronghold of my “ego” and let God be the strength and the protector of my life.

© David García Licona – August 2013 


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