The misery of prosperity

“I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.

(Psalms 37:25 NTL)


Strangely enough, prosperity can make us live in misery.

There are people who seek prosperity for the purpose of giving their children the things they did not have, to prevent them from suffering what they suffered, to enjoy life in the way that they could not enjoy it; justifying in this way, the price, whatever it is, to be paid for being prosperous, no matter if it means denying its principles, put aside their morals, and in the worst case, to deny their faith. When this happens, prosperity leads them to live miserable lives.

God has promised to take care of the righteous and his family; HE has promised not to allow them to live in poverty, and this is not science fiction, it’s real. When the righteous life is driven by their continue desire and seeking to please God in everything they does, says or thinks, then prosperity is like a fruit in their life, here lies the difference; prosperity as a result of a life that pleases God and not as an aim.

Do not let the pursuit of prosperity enslave your life in misery.

© David García Licona – August 2013 


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